19 June 2011

Walaupun digodam, Kerajaan Malaysia terus menunjukkan keangkuhan

Despite being hacked, the Government of Malaysia continues to demonstrate high level of arrogance when it said the attacks did little to inconvenience the public. It takes pride that the Malaysian Government managed to bring up 76 sites by 6 pm Thursday after the attack. Not only the statements were full of arrogance and stupidity, it’s laughable to claim victory at this hour. The fact that the hackers actually gave tens of hours in advance notice before the attack and yet sites such as the Prime Minister Office (Jabatan Perdana Menteri) was hacked and redirected to another site shows how vulnerable the Malaysian official government websites are.

List of government websites that was attacked by hacker group Anonymous with the help of local hacking group, Dragon Force, in ‘Operation Malaysia’ (according to yes).

Malaysia Official Government Website
(DoS / Switched off – Up at 3:49am - Down at 4:06am – Up at 7:00am – Down at 3:31pm - Up on June 17th)

Other Malaysian websites:

SabahTourism.com Hacked + leaked

Jabatan Perdana Menteri Hacked / Redirected

Tour Malaysia (Not Tourism Malaysia) Hacked

Tourism Malaysia Unaffected

UiTM Penang Hacked but back up 9:40am

JBiotech Hacked

Social Welfare Department (Ezi2Care) Hacked

Jabatan Perpaduan Negara (Intranet) Hacked

CIMBbizchannel (CIMB owned) Hacked

CIDB Hacked but back up 12:20am

Land Public Transport Commision Hacked but back up 12:15am

1Malaysia DoS / Switched off 3:45am

Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission Unaffected

ASEANConnect DoS / Switched off 8:00am

Malaysian Meteorological Service DoS / Switched off

Ministry of Education DoS / Switched off 9:00am

Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya Malaysia DoS / Switched off 8:30am

Bomba DoS / Switched off 8:30am

TMNet Unaffected

Kementerian Kerja Raya Malaysia DoS / Switched off 7:45am

Parlimen Malaysia DoS / Switched off 8:00am

Malaysian Treasury DoS / Switched off 8:00 am

University Kebangsaan Malaysia DoS / Switched off 7:00am

Jobs Malaysia DoS / Switched off 8:00am

Information, Communications and Culture DoS / Switched off 7:45am

Human Resouce Ministry DoS / Switched off 3:59am

National Sports Council DoS / Switched off 7:30am

Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) DoS / Switched off 8:00am

Sure, the Government sites hit were merely information providers, rather than the more important e-transaction platforms such as Inland Revenue Board, Employees Provident Fund, Road Transport Department or MyEG, as one of the media boasted. But news medias who are government boot-lickers should refrain from screaming that there is no threat to these sites, which would contain confidential data, such as information concerning bank accounts, credit cards and MyKad details. To say so is tantamount to challenging the hackers to hack these sites, which is extremely foolish.

Malaysia Prime Minister Office website hacked

The hackers even mentioned that Prime Minister Office website was hosted on a Windows 2003 box and that is not challenging at all. As for the still-down SabahTourism website, the hackers revealed a list of 392 accounts together with the passwords, out of the 3,456 accounts hacked. The hackers intention was just to release their frustrations with what they call government’s censorship. They’re not serious about creating havoc because they claim they still love the country, but not the present government. And it’s stupid to the highest degree to challenge these hackers.

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