16 August 2011

Polis Trafik Malaysia minta 'wang kopi' dari pemandu Singapura

Polis Trafik Malaysia di rakam dalam VIDEO meminta 'wang kopi' daripada kenderaan-kenderaan dari Singapura baru-baru ini. Klip video ini dirakamkan pada tarikh 8 Julai lalu...

Pemandu dari singapura ini dikesan pandu melebihi had laju dilebuhraya.
Anda nilai la sendiri. Walaupun seorang polis yang ambil rasuah, semua POLIS trafik terkena tempias. Saman RM300 dirasuah dengan RM50 saja.

Ini pula adalah antara komen di singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp:
Jimmykidd12 said on 16 Aug, 2011.
I have watched the whole clip, this fellow was driving without a license and speeding. He still wanna use passenger's license to show the police. Come on! You were wrong at the first place and felt guilty so decided to pay and cover the case. After that, you claimed that they were collecting "kopi" money? Do you know that you can be arrested on the spot for unable to display driving license? Even though the TP was wrong to ask for it. But you WERE WRONG too. Don't blame the police!

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