09 August 2008

'Fuel Savers'

When you drive your car along the road, you are pushing the air out of the way and as most vehicles are not well streamlined, that takes a good deal of energy. Is there anything that can be done to improve the situation (other than slowing down a bit and driving gently)? Well, while many drivers won't want to 'spoil' the lines of their vehicle, there are a couple of improvements which could be used if you wanted to. The first comprises of a few very simple pieces of metal which can be stuck to the vehicle. These are called 'Fuel Savers':

On offer from this web site where they offer these small aluminum fins which mount on top of the trailing edge of the bodywork of a vehicle. The devices are reckoned to save some 10% to 12% on fuel consumption, they can be home-made, and nine per vehicle is the recommended number.

- Source : http://www.fuelsavers.com.au/

* Sesiapa nak try boleh laa... cost pun tak mahal, boleh buat sendiri...
Selamat Mencuba.

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