02 January 2010

Bull kills man in Colombia New Year's Eve bullfight

SAMPUES: A Colombian man was killed by a bull in Sampues, Colombia during New Year''s celebrations that feature the corralling and fighting of bulls. Walter Perdomo, 34, was knocked to the ground and then gored several times by the bull.

Amateur video aired by Colombia''s news network RCN showed when Perdomo was lifted into the air by the 500 kilo bull.Fellow bullfighters and spectators honoured Perdomo on Friday (January 01) in the very ring he was killed. "Here we are bidding our final farewell on this first of January, which we are going to start off bad burying a bullfighter who left us," bullfighting fan Luis Cuadrado said. The bull''s horns entered Perdomo''s body through his abdomen and perforated his liver.

Aku cuma nak kata:
Takde penyakit cari penyakit. Akhir nya nyawa melayang. Saksikan klip video nya dibawah.

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