31 October 2008

Altantuya’s father Setev left speechless

The picture says it all: Bewildered and dejected,
Setev Shariibuu looks a broken man after the verdict this morning

Someone asked, “Do you believed that justice still exists in our country?”

Setev shook his head as his interpreter replied, “In my country, there is this law.. Justice!… and he (pointing at Setev) doesn’t want to criticise the judge’s decision because he hopes this decision was taken in line with Malaysian law… because it’s an area where the lawyer and the judge are independent of the Government…”

The interpreter was interrupted by Setev, who took out his passport issued by the Mongolian government, saying he is a citizen of Mongolia, which “protects its citizens”.

A father’s anguish: Setev (centre) cuts a forlorn figure as his interpreter Siizkhuu Sainbileg (Second Secretary, Embassy of Mongolia, Bangkok) (left) and the Mongolian Consul based in KL (right) huddle together with him.

Setev was asked later if he would be taking the matter up with the World Court as a last resort.

“I have nothing to say… at this moment,” he replied through his interpreter.

Source : http://anilnetto.com/accountability/altantuyas-father-stev-speechless/

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