09 July 2009

The moment suicidal man tried to hurl his daughter, out of eighth-floor window

By Mail Foreign Service - http://www.dailymail.co.uk
08th July 2009

She hangs half-naked and helpless, only held by her suicidal father's grip on her ankle.

Fortunately, this man's attempt to hurl his daughter, two, out of the window of their eighth-floor flat in Chengdu, China, did not end in tragedy.

She was saved by a policeman who had managed to edge gradually closer to her dangling body.

Helpless: This man suspended his two-year-old daughter out of the window after becoming suicidal

Then, as colleagues inside distracted her father, the rescuer made a daring grab and tried to haul her to safety. Her crazed parent, however, was not willing to let go. As neighbours watched in horror, the pair fought a frantic tug-of-war over her tiny form.

Perilous: A rescuer edges closer to this girl after climbing out of the window of an adjacent apartment

Tug-of-war: Witnesses watched in horror as the two men battled to get hold of the child's tiny body

Persistent: Despite letting go of the girl, her father was unwilling to give up and had to be restrained with a window

The officer finally won and dragged her into his arms, fending off her tattooed father by attempting to sandwich him in the window. For several seconds it appeared as if he was going to throw himself eight-storeys down to the ground below. But officers inside managed to drag him backwards, his legs flailing as he vanished from view. He was taken into custody and later tested positive for drugs, police said.

Battle: A policeman inside the building can just be seen pulling the man backwards as his colleague hangs on to the child

Flailing: The man is eventually hauled inside and arrested. Police said he tested positive for drugs

My Comment:
Can't believe what I've just seen. Do not understand what type of people who do this to his own children. Makes me sick. Hopefully that poor child will grow up elsewhere.


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Chili Crab said...

Poor that child. Luckily the rescuers arrived in time if not the child must be dead or become vegetable.

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