19 May 2010

Bangkok War Zone: Bloody crackdown on Red Shirts

This is from the BBC: Three months ago, Bangkok appeared to be a successful South East Asian capital city - now government troops and anti-government protesters are fighting in the streets. The BBC's Vaudine England considers how it came to this.

Huge and thriving, Bangkok has long been seen - and seen itself - as a great city. But now there is blood on the streets.

It is hard to imagine how Thailand got to this - and how it will manage to recover.

One explanation is simply that a crazed rabble of poor people came to the city from the under-developed north, flouting their love for a former prime minister - Thaksin Shinawatra - and being paid to do so.

Another vision talks of class war and a peoples' uprising, as the masses rise up on the barricades in a re-make of Les Miserables, the musical about the French Revolution.
The reality lies somewhere in between and can only be understood by a brisk walk through Thailand's recent political history. Here is the BBC story.

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