06 November 2008

Zimbabwe the Land of Poor Millionaires‏

Due to the country's hyperinflation rate of over 231,000,000% a year, the financial authorities were forced to release larger and larger bills in order to help people buy the simplest things without carrying bricks of bills with them.

When the $10,000,000 bill was released early this year, it was worth about USD $5, but it soon became as worthless as the previous bills and now you can find the 100 billion dollars bill which you can use to buy 3 eggs.

When people want to go to a restaurant they are again forced to carry mountains of money with them. This all began in the year 2000, when president Mugabe came to power and transformed the whole country into a giant agricultural field. Now the inflation is through the roof, 80% of the population is unemployed and a third of the population has left the country. At least they can take pride in the fact that they have the highest denomination bills in the world.

500 million note, just printed in May 2008

$10 million bill was released early this year, it was worth about USD $5

To buy food in plastic packet you have to spend at least 10 million

To buy 3 eggs you need $100 Billion

To buy chicken how many billions? Take a guess.

If you want to eat in restaurant, please prepare the money.

After eating preapare the money for drink.

Victoria Falls Hotel - Bill please !!!

Young kid already become millionaire.

If don't want to carry a lot of money..this is the way change it to USD
Nobody want to count the money, just weight it.

Young millionaire. One such note is equal to 10 cents

Five Hundred Thousand Dollar note

Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollar note

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe

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