16 September 2008

DSAI melobi MP BN, mana BPR, mai la siasat....

KUALA PILAH: Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Hasan Malek has claimed he was offered money and a post as inducements to join the Opposition. He said that although he had rejected the offer, he was still being persuaded to cross over.

“But I have self-esteem. To me, a post is not something that can be transacted as one pleases,” he told reporters after opening a motivation programme for students here on Tuesday.

The Kuala Pilah MP said certain individuals were still of the opinion that Umno representatives could be bought.

“I will remain loyal to Umno,” he said. - Bernama

Komen Aku :
Bila MP UMNO berkata begitu, maknanya dia minta Pak Lah hulur la sikit apa-apa yang patut kat dia. Kalau tak dia lompat lah nanti, bagi hint gitu. Ini bukan ke dah ada unsur-unsur sogokan atau rasuah, kenapa tak lapor pada Polis? Jangan kata satu balai, satu Bukit Aman akan serbu siapa yang berani offer duit tu, macam kes Tuan Guru Nik Aziz dulu. Tuan Guru mengaku ada individu tawar duit berjuta-juta ringgit pada beliau sepanjang beliau memerintah Kelantan. Kelam kabut BPR nak siasat Tuan Guru. Engkorang percaya ke cakap-cakap dia ni?,aku langsung tak percaya....

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