12 September 2008

Wonderful logos & The Logic behind them

FedEx Logo

I am not sure how many of you have noticed a hidden symbol in the Federal Express logo. Yeah, I am talking about the 'arrow' that you can see between the E and the x in this logo (white around orange colour). The arrow was introduced to underscore speed and precision, which are part of the positioning of the company.

SUN Microsystems Logo

The SUN Microsystems logo is a wonderful example of symmetry and order. It was a brilliant observation that the letters u and n while arranged adjacent to each other look a lot like the letter S in a perpendicular direction. Spectacular.

AppleCurry Logo

The above logo is for an editing studio. I like the way the logo (apple shaped) attempts to convey what they do.

The above are two magazines from the Readers Digest stable. Again, the attempt to communicate what it is about quite figuratively through the logo catches my attention.

Amazon Logo

You might think the arrow does nothing here. But it says that amazon.com has everything from a to z and it also represents the smile brought to the customer's face. Wow, that is quite deep.


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