27 September 2008

Gamucci Micro Electronic Cigarette for smoker's

Rechargeable: The 'cigarette' can be used again and again

Finally, every smoker’s dream came true, a cigarette that’s not bad for you. Inventors have created an electric cigarette which gives a nicotine hit while still managing to avoid the smoking ban.

The small white stick, which looks just like a proper cigarette, contains a chamber that vapourises pure liquid nicotine into a puff of steam.

Smokers can inhale the vapours as they would a cigarette smoke and still get the buzz - without taking in any harmful substances.

Nicotine is its only ingredient, unlike tobacco alternatives which contain over 4,000 chemicals and tar. The electric cigarette is battery powered, has a glowing red tip and tastes like the real thing.

Makers claim it can be used inside pubs and restaurants despite the national smoking ban as it has no flame and does not produce smoke. They also say the cigarette cannot cause lung cancer as it only contains nicotine.

The stick, called Gamucci Micro Electronic Cigarette, uses small cartridges which are filled with the liquid substance.

Gamucci's next venture is cartridges that are flavoured with mint, apple, cherry, chocolate and coffee.

Untuk kawan-kawan yang masih merokok ini adalah satu altenatif sebab beli sekali tapi boleh pakai banyak kali. Lagi pun rokok makin mahal, tapi rokok yang ini pun tak tahu berapa harga nya?

Pembuat rokok ni mendakwa bahawa :
1. Hisap rokok ni tidak menyebabkan kanser.

2. Boleh hisap dimana mana sebab tidak ada api dan tidak berasap.

3. Rokok ini guna bateri 'rechargeable'

4. Rasa nya sama macam rokok biasa.

Sila ke Website rokok ini untuk lebih detail : http://www.gamucci.com/gamucci

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Johnny Ong said...

cigarettes are getting more complicated nowadays

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