31 December 2008

Israel's Deadly Assault on Gaza

The latest raids began days after a six-month cease-fire lapsed, resulting in some of the deadliest violence in the troubled territory in decades.

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Hamas warns Israel against ground attackWed, 31 Dec 2008 09:24:37 GMT

Hamas' military wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, has warned Israel against launching a ground assault inside the Gaza Strip. The warning comes as Israeli tanks and troops have massed along the besieged Palestinian territory preparing for a possible ground operation.

Hamas spokesman, Abu Obeid, said on Tuesday night that If Israel launches a ground offensive against Gaza the movement would take revenge on the occupiers, IRNA reported.

He also said that Hamas would fire long-range missiles into the Israeli settlements and Gaza would turn into an anti-Israel volcano if attacked by ground forces.

Reports say Hamas has extended the reach of its rocket attacks on the Israeli towns. On Wednesday, the fighters fired two rockets deep into Israel, both hitting near the desert city of Beersheva some 40 kilometers (24 miles) from its border with the Gaza Strip.

Six Israelis have been killed by Hamas rocket attacks since the raids on Gaza started. At least sixteen others have been reported wounded.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that the Israeli attacks were in response to rockets being fired at innocent Israeli civilians from Gaza. Israel warned the terrorists that if they did not stop the attacks, Israel would respond. So this is all the fault of Hamas. Hamas could stop the bombing at any time if they would simply suspend the firing of rockets into Israel

ahmad tarmizi said...

Thanks John for your comment but please read this article : The true story behind this war is not the one Israel is telling (http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/commentators/johann-hari/johann-hari-the-true-story-behind-this-war-is-not-the-one-israel-is-telling-1214981.html)


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