07 May 2009

Moment by moment of truth in DUN Perak - Part 1

This is the scene at the Jalan Istana back entrance to the State Assembly this morning (8:36).

10:01 Speaker Sivakumar is inside the Dewan now, making an announcement. All those who have not been invited are requested to leave the Dewan.

10:03 Speaker Siva is asking the seven suspended BN members to leave, if not, he warns the Dewan will not sit.

10:03 He is also asking the three defectors to leave.

10:04 He says their court cases have not yet been settled. The Dewan is in uproar.

10:05 Outside, police are rushing from the Democracy Tree, heading somewhere.

10:06 Pakatan Aduns are thumping their tables in approval.

10:07 Further down the road, much earlier, some Angkatan Muda supporters are said to have been arrested.

10:08 But the BN reps are not moving out.

10:09 Sungai Siput MP Jeyakumar Devaraj leaves the Dewan,

10:10 The seating arrangements appear to have been changed, so the Pakatan Aduns took the name plates and transferred it back to the original place.

10:11 The 10 BN Aduns who put forward the motion to remove the Speaker have been ordered to leave the Dewan.

10:12 Outside, an older woman has been arrested. She is handcuffed.

10:14 As long as the 10 suspended BN Aduns are not leaving, the Speaker refuses to proceed.

10:17 Five more arrests outside. An older man struggles and falls to the ground, before being taken away. Some of those arrested by FRU are sent to Sg Senang, but Kula is unable to see them.

10:18 Parit Buntar MP Mujahid has been arrested outside

10:18 The Dewan is in uproar.

10:18 Three more men arrested outside.

One more.

Pandemonium breaks out in the Dewan.

10:21 Zambry has put up a proposal to remove the Speaker, and the BN Aduns are taking a vote.

10:22 But the Speaker is rejecting the motion saying that those who have put up the motion had been ordered to leave the Dewan.

The Speaker has raised his voice.

10:23 "Keluar!" shouts the Speaker, who insist he won't continue proceedings until the 10 leave.

A police siren wails in the distance outside.

10:27 Siva says the Dewan is not able to convene.

10:28 He still insists the 10 should leave. "I am not suspended," says Siva. Those suspended are the BN Aduns.

10:29 Siva is asking the security to do their job.

10:32 Among those arrested are Jeyakumar Devaraj, Helen Ang and Sallahuddin Ayub, who are inside a Black Maria.

10:33 It's scorching hot outside and most of the police have left the main road.

10:33 The assembly will not continue until the 10 leave.

10:36 Zambry has been ordered out.

10:39 The Dewan secretary Misbahul Munir, appointed by the Pakatan under the Democracy Tree, has left the building.

10:42 It's getting chaotic inside the Dewan.

10:43 A female BN Adun is requesting security to remove the Speaker. They are saying that they have the 31 votes to remove the Speaker and they want the Deputy Speaker to take over.

10:47 But the Speaker had already left the House to escort the Raja Muda.

10:47 Now they appear to be blocking the Speaker from coming back.

10:48 I am trying to make sense of what's going on.

10:55 The Deputy Speaker, Hee, appears to have taken over proceedings. Sitting next to the Speaker, she says he has been suspended.

10:56 Siva doesn't have a mike.They have appointed Ganesan as the new Speaker. The Pakatan Aduns are angry.

10:58 It's hardly a dignified sitting of the Assembly.

11:02 Ganesan appears to have been "sworn in" and gone through the motions. But Siva is still in his seat. Sorry, I am confused! One eye-witness observes, "It is like a circus here."

11:05 The street outside the State Assembly is now deserted.

11:07 Doors leading to the Dewan proper are locked. Outsiders cannot enter.

11:13 Some of those arrested have been taken to Sg Senam.

11:16 There is a call for a one-hour recess. They must be hungry after all that "kecohan". I am hungry too. No breakfast, just green tea.

11:18 All the reps are leaving the hall.

11:22 Four proposals:
1) to dissolve the privileges committee
2) to terminate the Speaker.
3) the March 3 Democracy Tree assembly was illegal.
4) not sure.
All "passed". Not sure if Pakatan Aduns even raised their hands to oppose.

11:23 Ganesan announced the recess. The strange thing is that Siva was sitting at the Speaker's usual seat while Ganesan was seated on the aisle behind Zambry.

11:26 PKR Wanita deputy chief Norsham Abu Samah says more than 60 arrested.

11:34 I am getting a clearer picture now: Zambry, Hee and Ganesan were all on the aisle. Siva's mike was switched off at around 10.50am. The mikes on the Pakatan side didn't seem to be working but the mikes near Zambry and co were. I am not sure exactly when Siva's authority was usurped.

11:42 Dear KT I am not familiar with most of you. I can't possibly publish all your comments unfortunately as there are just too many. You can always leave your comments in the usual way below, if you do not see them appearing.

11:43 Some kind Pas folks have just passed me a chocolate bun and a plastic bag of iced tea.

11:45 Interesting news: Even with the one-hour recess, Siva has not left his seat! The Pakatan Aduns too are mostly still in the Dewan tho some of the BN Aduns have left. Hee is still around too.
Sounds like musical chairs.

11:54 Several of those arrested earlier were caught while eating in the nasi kandar restaurant. The restaurant, which closed for a while, is now reopened. It is crowded with police personnel taking a break.

11:56 They have put out a table for the "new Speaker".

11:58 Feel much better after the bun and tea now. You folks, get a coffee or something.

12:05 The Dewan is in recess until 12.15pm.

12:21 The session has resumed.

12:24 Ganesa, the "new Speaker" in his regalia, has his table on the aisle. Siva is still in his Speaker's seat.

12:27 Several Pakatan Aduns gather around Ganesan's seat and some BN Aduns join in.

12:30 It looks like most of the mikes are still shut.

12:35 The Pakatan Aduns are asking Ganesan to leave. They say he is not authorised to be a Speaker and point to his name tag which says only "pegawai". A short scuffle breaks out briefly but it is over now.

12:39 Ganesan's makeshift "Speaker's" table is in the middle of the aisle. He didn't have a normal seat in the Dewan like the others as he is not an Adun. Before he was appointed, he was sitting in a corridor at the back of the Dewan. When he was "appointed" Speaker, he took a position at a table on the aisle. Now, after pressure from Pakatan Aduns, Ganesan moves to a seat near Zambry.

12:52 Zambry has not come back after the recess. Siva is in his seat. The Pakatan Aduns are standing around. Ganesan is sitting near Hee. It's a bit of a standoff or stalemate.

12:58 Ganesan has been given a mike and he tries to reconvene the assembly. But he is drowned out by Pakatan Aduns.

12:59 The Assembly has taken another recess for an hour.

13:01 I think they are expecting Raja Nazrin to give his address after that.

One woman outside has her slacks caught in the barbed wire while trying to bring food across the road!

A guy comes to help free her from the rolled barbed wire at the junction of the road.

Siva is refusing to budge from his seat even though there is a one-hour recess.

This was the chaotic scene in the Dewan earlier.



Photo courtesy of idhamlim.

13:17 Someone breaches the police roadblocks to go out and bring back a bag of food and he comes back to us to a hero's welcome!

13:41 Back after a packet of nasi bungkus with ayam. Never tasted so good!

13:42 Over at the Dewan, I believe they are still waiting for Raja Nazrin.

13:48 The Raja Muda has not yet given his address.

13:51 The street at the back entrance to the State Assembly is eerily quiet after all the action earlier this morning. Hardly any traffic with just three or four police personnel around. The half a dozen FRU trucks are still there though.

13:51 Still lunch break in the Dewan.

13:59 This is probably why Ganesan had to adjourn the proceedings after Pakatan Aduns pressured him. Photo courtesy of idhamlim.


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