07 May 2009

Moment by moment of truth in DUN Perak - Part 2

14:08 The Dewan is about to resume proceedings. Siva hasn't left his seat.

14:08 The Raja Muda is in the state secretariat building in the same premises. He has not yet officially opened the Assembly sitting.

14:15 Pakatan Aduns are chanting loudly, "Bubar Dun!"

14:19 A lot of shouting in the Dewan. It's pandemonium in there.

14:21 Wouldn't it be a lot easier to have fresh state elections?

14:24 The Pakatan Aduns are trying to stop Ganesan from using the mike.
Two or three police have entered the Dewan.
The Pakatan Aduns are shouting at the police, asking them to leave the Dewan.

14:26 The BN Aduns are trying to remove Siva by force but the Pakatan Aduns have gathered around him to stop them.


14:41 The situation is quite bad in the Dewan. The BN Aduns and the sergeant at arms are trying to forcefully remove Siva from his seat.

14:43 They have forcefully removed the Speaker from his seat. Pakatan Aduns are now trying to prevent Ganesan from taking the Speaker's seat.

14:43 A couple of police officers are in the Dewan.

14:47 Siva has been taken out of the Dewan. His seat has been taken away. The Speaker's desk is now vacant.

14:52 Outside the State Assembly gate, reporters are now gathering.

14:54 A few FRU personnel have emerged from their trucks outside.

14:57 Ganesan has taken over the Speaker's seat and he is trying to restore order. But Pakatan Aduns are drowning him out. "It's like a market here now," says an eye-witness.

14:58 They are still drowning out Ganesan.

14:59 About 20 FRU personnel are moving outside to take up positions.

15:03 The FRU personnel are lining up just behind the barbed wire rolled across the junction opposite the State Assembly entrance, their backs facing the building.

15:05 I'm not sure where Siva has been taken.

15:06 Siva is believed to be inside one of the rooms at the Dewan building.

15:08 People are expecting the Raja Muda to emerge in the Dewan soon.

15:14 Things have quietened down. A wall of officers and other personnel from the State Secetariat is blocking the area near the Speaker's area, probably to prevent anyone else from taking the seat.

15:16 Siva's driver is trying to locate him.

15:20 The Raja Muda is delivering his address. He is talking about the stimulus package.

15:21 His speech is being carried live on Radio FM95.6.


15:29 When the Raja Muda entered the Dewan, Nizar had a word with him. The Raja Muda asked Nizar to approach him and then Nizar returned to his seat. The Raja Muda then asked the Aduns to respect the Dewan.

From his seat Nizar then requested that all the officers near the Speaker's area etc to be excused from the House and they duly left.

Zambry then presented the address to the Raja Muda.

At least, that's my understanding of what happened.


: http://anilnetto.com/democracy/live-7-may-in-ipoh/


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