28 June 2009

A newly built 13-storey residential building collapsed in Shanghai

Residents gather to take photos of the collapsed building from across the river

A newly built 13-storey residential building collapsed in Shanghai yesterday, killing one worker.

The block of high-rise flats toppled onto its side in the muddy construction site raising concerns that building safety standards are being overlooked in favour of fast construction in China's rush to modernise.

The building appeared to be almost complete with fitted windows and a finished, tiled facade. Other similar-looking blocks in the same property development were still standing nearby.

Crash: The newly built block of flats lies flat on its side after tumbling down in Shanghai leaving one person dead

Shoddy construction and the use of sub-standard materials is a concern in China's construction sector as the country scrambles to build out cities and finish massive infrastructure projects to keep pace with fast economic growth.

Construction-related accidents last year included the collapse of a steel arch on a new railway bridge, which killed at least seven and a crane which fell on a nursery school killing five.

The collapse of dozens of schools during last year's Sichuan earthquake also led to a wave of public outrage about corrupt officials and construction firms. - www.dailymail.co.uk

Exposed pilings lie in the remains of the building's foundations


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