10 February 2009

Lebih 200 dikuatiri mati dalam kebakaran hutan paling dahsyat di Australia

Worst infernos in nation's history rage across southeast; suspected arson called 'mass murder.'
By Jennifer Bennett
10:05 AM PST, February 9, 2009
Reporting from Sydney, Australia -- The smoldering ashes of southern Australia's massive wildfires delivered up dozens more dead today, and several blazes continued to rage out of control as the government promised a full-scale investigation into the worst bush fires in the country's history.

Infernos whipped up by dry, hot winds have killed at least 171 people in southeastern Victoria state, where Premier John Brumby announced a royal commission of inquiry into the still-unfolding catastrophe. Read more....

A bushfire burns through a forest on the outskirts of Labertouche, 90km east of Melbourne - 7/2/09. (REUTERS/Mick Tsikas)

A firefighter tries to contain a bushfire approaching the town of Peats Ridge, north of Sydney - 8/2/09

Small acreage is burned out in Kinglake, northeast of Melbourne, Australia - 8/2/09. (AP Photo/Rick Rycroft)

A burnt out house and a car are seen at the township of King Lake, north east of Melbourne, 8/2/09. Towering flames razed entire towns in southeastern Australia and burned fleeing residents in their cars as the death toll from the country's worst fire disaster in a quarter-century reached 65 on Sunday. (AP Photo/Stringer)

The remains of a properties destroyed by bushfires are seen in the town of Kinglake, 55km northeast of Melbourne - 8/2/09. (REUTERS/Mick Tsikas)

An aircrane fire-fighting aircraft collects a load of water to fight the Bunyip Ridge wildfire, some 100km east of Melbourne - 9/2/09. (PAUL CROCK/AFP/Getty Images)

Senior Wildlife Officer Geoff McClure looks over the destruction in the main street of Marysville, some 100 kilometres northeast of Melbourne on 9/2/09. The wildfires have become the deadliest in Australia's history, destroying entire towns and wiping out families and amid the heartache there was also anger as police revealed they suspected some of the fires were started by arsonists. (WILLIAM WEST/AFP/Getty Images)

Ulasan: Kebakaran hutan berlaku setiap tahun seperti juga banjir yang melanda Kelantan saban tahun. Namun kebakaran kali ini adalah yang paling buruk dalam sejarah Australia. Ia menyebab kan banyak kematian dan juga melibat kan banyak tempat, bukan nya satu kawasan saja.

Bagi kita orang Islam perlu lah menjadikan kejadian seperti ini sebagai iktibar bahawa kuasa Allah yang mencipta langit dan bumi tidak ada siapa yang boleh melawan. Kita perlu berusaha dan selebih nya berdoa dan bertawakkal.

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