02 February 2009

Photo's of the day: 02 Feb. 09 - President Hugo Chavez, 10 years anniversary

Former Venezuelan army paratrooper, Hugo Chavez (L), is sworn in by President of Congress Luis Davila (R), as outgoing President Rafael Caldera observes, in this February 2, 1999 file photo. President Hugo Chavez marked 10 years in office on Monday February 2, 2009, declaring a national holiday to celebrate just hours before the anniversary in a sign of how personalized his grip on Venezuela has become. Photo Reuters

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez holds a new AK-103 Russian Kalashnikov assault rifle next to Defense Minister Orlando Maniglia (R) during an special ceremony at the current Expo Ejercito (Expo Army) 2006 exhibition in Caracas, in this June 14, 2006 file photo. Photo Reuters


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